Affordable Price & Low Running Cost

3D Printer technology at a fraction of the cost with highest price-performance ratio. No surprises, no hidden costs. LOOP PRO is an industrial grade 3D printer made of high quality components.

Designed by Users for Users

Designed by Users for Users LOOP 3D offers hassle-free operation for all. LOOP PRO has a modular design that provides easier maintenance and reduced downtime. LOOP 3D maintains quality and mechanical properties of 3D printed models that are exceeding the quality standards.

Unibody Aluminum Casting

LOOP PRO is designed based on conventional manufacturing and cutting edge technologies. This process guarantees high rigidity, minimal vibration and aesthetically flawless appearance without visible screws and joints.

Cloud Fleet Management

Manage multiple LOOP PRO 3D Printers in LOOP 3D CLOUD. Printing process can now be monitored from a remote workstation thanks to built-in camera inside the chamber. When the work is done, you will be receive a notification and a time-lapse cideo of the model.

Open Material System

LOOP 3D gives freedom of choice that unlocks multiple applications in the industry. Use LOOP PRO dedicated Dynamide® materials or create your own presets for third party filaments with open parameters that can be changed in LOOP 3D CLOUD software.

Material Conditioning Unit

Material Conditioning Unit controls relative humidity in the chamber and prevents material degradation due to moisture.