November 11, 2020

LOOP 3D and GS Project Design partner to boost the LOOP PRO 3D printer

LOOP 3D, a 3D printer manufacturer with a growing global footprint, has expanded its partner network through a recent cooperation with GS Project Design. The Belgian firm, which provides AM consulting and design services, will be using the LOOP PRO 3D…
July 23 ,2020

From brass to AM: LOOP 3D’s 3D printed trombone

It is hard to imagine that brass instruments—so named because of the metal they are made from—could be produced using any other material. However, a recent, and rather melodious, project led by LOOP 3D and trombone musician Peter Körner has demonstrated that other…
June 10, 2020

On the precipice of expansion: a conversation with LOOP 3D

LOOP 3D is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Ankara, Turkey, which brought to market the LOOP PRO extrusion-based 3D printing system late last year. The young company is now preparing to expand into the European market with the opening of an office in Wroclaw…
May 19, 2020

Hidromek Reduces Costs Of Machinery End-Use Parts With LOOP PRO 3D Printer

HİDROMEK, a manufacturer of construction machinery based in Turkey, is using the LOOP PRO 3D printer to produce end-use parts for its agricultural vehicles. Seeking to reduce its downtimes and avoid the associated costs that can occur, HİDROMEK opted to leverage…